Remember the Titans

Question number: 11

Coach Yoast is presented with losing his hall of fame nomination. He gave up his nomination for the Titans. He knew that getting put into the Hall of Fame would be one of the greatest honors, but he also knew what he had to do for his team. For him to be put into the Hall of Fame the Titans would have had to lose the playoff game. The Titans were an extremely good football team so odds are that they were not going to lose. To make sure that the Titans would lose the referees were told to judge the plays unfairly. Coach Yoast saw what the unfair calls were doing to the Titans. They were working so hard and yet got called for every little thing that happened. The referees even made stuff up so that the Titans would lose. In the middle of the game Coach Yoast told the referees to call the game fairly. He showed the leadership value/ principle of sacrifice. He gave up the chance to be put into the Hall of Fame for the Titans. The Titans meant everything to him and he gave up a great opportunity for them.  Coach Yoast was a very good, reliable, and trust worthy coach for the Titans.

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